Escalation Consultants

Founded in 1979, Escalation Consultants Inc has been helping shippers reduce and control rail expenses for more than 40 years.

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Escalation Consultants’ message is a simple one: the price you pay under a rail contract should not occur by chance.

The expertise gained over the last 40 years has provided the opportunity for the creation of a suite of tools that gives rail shippers the ability to better manage and control their rail expenses in new innovative ways. You need to have a strategy based on factual data that lets you clearly demonstrate the rates you need, the reason you need them and the reason the railroad should give them to you. RCC provides the data to do this.

Our experience demonstrates that in dealing with railroads your brain is your most important asset.

Unfortunately, this means that the more time you spend running numbers the less time you have to use your most important asset and think strategically. Escalation Consultants has spent decades developing tools that let the computer automatically analyze your movements in order to spend all our time thinking strategically. These tools are embedded in the Rail Cost Control Program and they allow you to do things that would be very difficult or impossible to accomplish without the program. There is nothing else like the Rail Cost Control Program in the marketplace and it is an asset that we believe you will find no shipper should be without.

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Escalation Consultants works with many large and small rail shippers.

Escalation Consultants assists shippers with rail negotiations and optimizing clients rail spend, but most of our work is involved in finding and developing opportunities for reducing our client’s rail expenses. The Rail Cost Control program has been built to automatically perform all the quantitative analysis so we can spend our time thinking strategically and not running numbers.

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