Database Manager

The Database Management System (DMS) provides immediate access to all of your current and historical rates, along with previous bid evaluation data in one spot!

Immediate access to your current & historical rail data

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Historical Data Improves Current Rail Negotiations

The DMS provides immediate access to what you need to know about the rates and volumes for your movements. The DMS shows how rail rates and volumes have changed over time on specific movements as well as in total on each railroad. Historical results can have a significant impact on your negotiations with railroads. Past rates that won and lost the award of competitive carloads are frequently the best support for your position in negotiations. Understanding concessions railroads made in the past also have a big impact on what you go after in current negotiations. Knowledge is power and the DMS provides knowledge with a simple click.

Analysis of High Profit Margin Moves

To build a strategy for rate reductions, you need to know what movements are the most profitable to your carriers and then understand your options for putting these moves at risk to railroads. The DMS is a valuable resource in understanding your best options for changing moves from being viewed as captive to competitive at railroads.


Your biggest problems and best opportunities are summarized in the Dashboard. The dashboard has comprehensive reports that start in the macro and give you the ability to drill down to individual problem movements.

Simple Datafile Maintenance

Easily keep your database up to date with multiple ways to add, remove and update your database of rail movements.

Provide Rate Intelligence to Internal Stakeholders FAST

Marketing and Sales need information from the rail transportation department to accurately price business. The DMS helps improve your company’s market share by providing rates for movements with hard facts rather than speculation.

Rail Rate Benchmarking

How’s Your Rail Spend Trending?

See how your rates, carloads and market areas have been trending to improve current rail negotiations and provide valuable input to help your marketing and sales team make more informed decisions about how and where to successfully market your commodities.

Calculate Routes and Miles for your Movements

The DMS gives you access to the industry leading rail mileage calculator, Trimble Maps (formerly ALK). Whether you are looking to find the best potential route for new or existing moves or the distance to a potential transload site, the mileage calculator gives you quick easy access to the information you need on your moves.

How profitable your movements are to the railroad?

Railroad’s variable cost and Revenue to Variable Cost Ratios (RVC) are calculated to determine the profit railroads make from your moves and in total for all your moves. RVCs for your moves are compared against railroad RVC averages for your commodity to see how your rates and the profit railroads make from your traffic compare to the rest of your industry.

Cost and Profit Benchmarks

See how the profit railroads make from your moves compares to your competitors.

Contract Notifications

Get reminders about when you have important contracts ending. The DMS then shows whether there are rate problems to address with expiring contracts.

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