Training and Seminars are Not the Same Thing

Expanding opportunities across your rail movements.

october 29, 2020 rail negotiation training seminar

One-on-one training is the most effective way for subscribers to get the maximum value from the Rail Cost Control (RCC) program.

We encourage customers to take advantage of this feature. Escalation Consultants’ acclaimed Rail Negotiation Seminar is a strategic planning program attended by new and experienced rail shippers from all industries, looking for innovative ways to reduce their overall cost of rail freight.

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Training is always available to our customers! There are videos that show step-by-step instructions on how to generate results in the RCC program.  RCC customers can also contact Escalation Consultants directly (call or email) for 1-on-1 assistance to discuss the specific issues and scenarios they are experiencing or planning with their railroads.

Benefit from Real-Time Industry Changes

Know what other rail shippers are experiencing with an emphasis on confidentiality

Screen Share Training

Share what you are doing and see suggestions to improve results

Suggest Other Potential Perspectives

Get a strategic advantage by looking at your data from another angle.

Rail Negotiation Seminar

To significantly reduce rail expenses, you need railroads to look at your traffic differently – the Rail Negotiation Seminar shows you how.

This strategic planning seminar is the industry standard for helping shippers reduce and control rail expenses. The seminar showcases proven practices and procedures that work to reduce expenses with railroads that have monopoly power over some, or all your traffic.

The Rail Negotiation Seminar is the most highly recommended negotiation program specifically for rail shippers.

Dates for the 2024 Rail Negotiation Seminar have not yet been determined.  

Some of the topics we’ll be covering:
• How to make your moves more important to railroads
• Determining when rail rates put you at a disadvantage in markets
• Actions to take with railroads looking for large rate increases
• The benefits of being proactive, not reactive with railroads
• How the change in railroad pricing practices impacts your moves

Don’t just take our word for it…

“The seminar gave me a different outlook on rail negotiations. Educating railroads on why a better rate structure is good for both the shipper and the railroad was very informative.”

“The seminar put into context the benefit of examining and optimizing your whole rail spend, instead of getting trapped into a more narrow approach.”

“The seminar provided a structured approach for obtaining better rates from our railroads. This will have a big impact on our rail negotiations.”

“The seminar will completely change the way we prepare for our rail contract negotiations.”

“The impact of industry updates on negotiation strategies for reducing cost was very informative. I highly recommend the seminar.”

“The seminar was very informative! Excellent, timely information, the most useful program I’ve been to in years.”

“This was a very timely and worthwhile seminar. The approach with planned strategies for accomplishing rate objectives is really helpful.”

“Very interesting seminar. It gave me great ideas on ways to better control rail expenses. Great interaction with other rail shippers.”

“The seminar provides a comprehensive approach for increasing leverage in rail negotiations. A top-down approach that gives you control over the process.”

“This was time well spent. The seminar will change how I negotiate with railroads in the future.”

“This seminar gave me more tools to negotiate with in order to work more productively with our railroads.”

“Seminar was great. It really helped to determine what rates are reasonable and to go after for my traffic.”

“The seminar was very informative. It provided valuable information on strategies that work in rail negotiations and the data needed to be more successful with railroads.”

“Very informative program. It helped me understand options to reduce costs at captive origins and destinations and lets me look at my captive traffic differently.”

“I enjoyed the interaction at the seminar. The seminar helped me better understand Class I pricing which effects my customers and me (my railroads).”

“This was a great strategic planning seminar. It provided good ideas for increasing leverage with railroads and I enjoyed the breakout session and interaction with other rail shippers.”

“Great seminar! It provides a roadmap for increasing leverage and gaining a step up in the negotiation process.”

“Well done! All segments of the seminar were enlightening, the insights on what motivates railroads to provide better rates was very informative.”

“The seminar has helped me to know that I do have leverage with the railroads, without whining.”

“The seminar not only supplies training, it gives insight into what other shippers are doing.”

“Great Seminar! I will take away practical and useful tips to make negotiations less contentious and more proactive.”

“Insightful seminar that will help me decide on the information I need to collect, understand, and share with railroads.”

“This seminar provides practical, proactive approaches to understanding the cost structure of rail movements and to gain leverage for successful negotiations”

“This was time well spent. A very knowledgeable staff provides an excellent template to negotiate with the railroads.”

“This seminar is a great eye opener for anyone that needs to get their arms around the cost of rail transportation for their movements.”

“Insightful seminar that created a thinking environment around how to evaluate where your company is and the best path forward.”

“The seminar will help me to create the most value and ensure that money is not left on the table.”

“The seminar sets one in a planning mode. It put me in an organized state of mind to proceed with upcoming negotiations.”

“Now I have direction as to how to build a case and prepare for negotiations with railroads.”

“The seminar opened my eyes to opportunities.”

“This was a very useful rail strategic planning seminar. The interaction created with other seminar participants was great.”

“Good perspective, pragmatic in its approach, supported by an excellent database and powerful tool to get rates and position yourself versus the industry. Recommended for all having to deal with railroads.”

“Great seminar — It will really help me to be more productive in dealing with the railroads.”

“Our process for rail negotiations will change as a result of this program. Both our preparation for and what will be presented to carriers in negotiations will be different.”

“An informative seminar that was well worth my time. It provided a road map for actionable steps to address in controlling rate increases.”

“A thought provoking seminar that provided me with great information for negotiations, as well as for getting upper management more involved and committed to transportation issues.”

“I really enjoyed the seminar. It changed how I will approach my job. More energy will be put into strategic planning in developing an effective negotiation strategy with railroads.”

“Great seminar, it added tools that I can implement when approaching rail negotiations.”

“As a result of the seminar, preparation for future rail negotiations will definitely include more detailed information gathering and be broader in scope than in the past.”

“The seminar gave me better ideas on how to evaluate our rates and improve negotiation leverage with railroads. I highly recomment the seminar.”

“The seminar exceeded my expectations. It gave me great insight on successful approachues to rate negotiations. I truly recommend this seminar, it is work every penny.”

“Great seminar – I highly recommend it for rail shippers looking to reduce rail expenses.”

“This was time well spent.  I recommend the seminar for companies looking for effective ways to reduce their rail expenses.”

“Well-paced seminar, with useful information every step of the way. I highly recommend the seminar for anyone involved with or responsible for their company’s rate negotiations with railroads.”

“Very informative seminar on tactics that can be used to improve negotiation results with railroads.”