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Big Changes Are Happening to the Cost of Moving Freight by Rail

  • Average rate increases, including fuel surcharges, were greater than 14% for all but two railroads over the last 4 quarters

  • CN and BNSF rates were both up more than 20%

  • Only CP and KCS had rate increases comparable to the 8.3% increase in overall inflation (CPI) and the 10.2% increase in rail industry inflation (RCAF-U).

Major Railroad Rate Increases

The Rail Negotiation Seminar will help you develop a plan for effectively controlling rail expenses during this rapid rise in the cost of shipping freight by rail. Rail rates have simply increased to the point where the cost of NOT exploring all your best avenues for better controlling rail expenses is just too costly. 

The Rail Negotiation Seminar is the most highly recommended program for helping shippers reduce rail expenses. This Seminar has been attended by companies from every industry that ships by rail. Click here to read what past attendees have to say. This seminar is effective, as it shows how to maintain a reasonable cost structure for your rail freight. As one attendee stated:

“Hands down, this is the best education expense for my logistics department. You may not think that you have the leverage to deal effectively with railroads, but the seminar shows you do.”

This seminar is sponsored by Escalation Consultants. Escalation Consultants is very active in the market and involved with more than a billion dollars a year in shipper’s rail spend. The Rail Negotiation Seminar is a widely attended event that covers important practices, tactics, and strategies that have been used to reduce shippers rail expenses for more than 40 years.

For information on the Rail Negotiation Seminar and why this program is so important to shippers in the current rail market, click the link below to obtain a brochure for the seminar along with recommendations from past attendees.

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