Rail Cost Control Webinar Recording

CN & KCS Merger Webinar Recording

Developing Your Company’s Position on the KCS – CN Rail Merger

Rail shippers will soon need to determine the best position for their company to take on the KCS rail merger with CN. All rail shippers will take one of four primary positions, regarding the merger:

  • Fight the approval of the merger;
  • Stay uninvolved;
  • Support the merger; or,
  • Obtain economic concessions through flexibility with your merger position.

The positive and negative impact of these positions are covered in this webinar.

The focus of this webinar is to determine a realistic path forward for making educated decisions for your company on the merger.

Escalation Consultants, Inc. developed the Rail Cost Control (“RCC”) program to help shippers reduce rail expenses by managing costs and empowering negotiations. For more information about RCC and other related articles, visit the RCC Blog.